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Swift County was established February 18, 1870. This county was named after Henry Adoniram Swift, the governor of Minnesota in 1863.

Board of Directors

District Board Member Position Term Expires
5 Richard Molenaar   12/2018 (1st)
5 Terry Yokam Vice President 12/2016 (2nd)
4 Amanda Ness Secretary/Treasurer 12/2017 (2nd)
2 Mike Pogge-Weaver   12/2016 (1st)
1 Leslie Ehernberg   12/2017 (1st)
1 Jon Panzer   12/01/16 (1st)
2 Ed Pederson   12/2018 (1nd)
3 Brady Olson   12/2018 (1st)
Open Vacancy   12/2017 (mid-term)


Interested in Joining The RDA Board?

Contact the RDA or your county commissioner for information on becoming part of the team or serving on a committee! 

Member Position Overview

This position offers the volunteer the opportunity to be a part of the exciting and changing field of county-wide economic development. The Board sets policies for the work of staff and guides them by providing a broad vision of the mission of the private non-profit organization known as Swift County Greater Rural Opportunities Working (GROW), and a public corporation known as the Swift County Rural Development Finance Authority (RDA). There are a total of nine members of the GROW and RDA Board including a president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. All members are voting members. Membership is made up of representation from each Commissioner district in Swift County. Nine members can serve two (2) three-year terms.

Time Considerations

Three year terms, not to exceed six years of continuous services

  • Bi-Monthly Board meetings, not to exceed 1.5 hours
  • Committee meetings as needed